The revolutionary new way to clean and maintain underwater structures.

Cavitcleaner is a unique cavitation cleaning system that utilizes a powerful cavitation gun to enable crew to perform hull cleaning and underwater cleaning on a yacht without the need for dry dock, thus saving both time and money. This advanced technology harnesses an intense shockwave of microscopic bubbles, effectively and rapidly removing fouling material while ensuring no damage to the surface being cleaned. Improve your yacht efficiency and crew safety with Cavitcleaner’s state-of-the-art cavitation cleaning tools.

I purchased a Cavitcleaner Hot Road machine and a Stingray plate, and I can say that the machine and accessories are extraordinary, thanks to Cavitcleaner’s products I am now able to cleaning a hull quickly and with no damages. Outstanding after-sales service.

Pino Napoli

The Hot Road is a professional machine, with Cavitcleaner removing any fouling becomes a simple and quick procedure, we used it on different boats and more, from big tugboats to huge yachts, as well as on sailing boats and even on small wood boats, always experiencing excellent results. The service is excellent and the Cavitcleaner’s staff is always available. Highly recommended.

Gianluca Torturu

We used to work in Mobil Offshore Units where the coating scheme is for 12 year and the owner is extremely concern about the damages to the coating so we can offer an uw cleaning free of problems for our clients using the Cavitcleaner.

TECHNOSUB Marine Services Veracruz, MX

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