Cavitcleaner Team up with RPM Nautical Underwater Archaeological Team

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Cavitcleaner Team up with RPM Nautical Underwater Archaeological Team ( to solve long standing issue when ROV’s Attempt to Clear debris from extremely sensitive archaeological sites. The current water jets that have been used for many years always ended up damaging the delicate artifacts, and this led to vital information being lost forever.

The unique properties of Cavitcleaner’s Patented Advanced Underwater Cleaning Technology is allowing for a much more delicate process to be applied, and that which is solving this problem to the delight of the underwater archaeological teams.

To get a better understanding of this collaboration, watch:

Cavit cleaner is proud to be associated with the team and wish them every success in the coming season.

New ecological anchor ECO PHANTOM by Cavitcleaner

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As of today, a new Cavitcleaner products: ECO PHANTOM, ecological and easier penetration and excellent holding capacity in bottoms!
These anchors are perfectly adapted to various sea bottoms as mud, sand, Posidonia. Also, the environmental impact is minimal as they do not drag the bottom sea.
ECO PHANTOM anchors, in full stainless steel, are in compliance with the EU legislation (Directive 2008/56/EC) concerning the installation of mooring buoy. Indeed the anchorage end does not impede or risk other marine activities, as it just emerges through the bottom sea.

Eco Phantom Anchor Eco Phantom AnchorEco Phantom AnchorEco Phantom Anchor Eco Phantom Anchor Eco Phantom Anchor

Juno and Cavitcleaner winners in Rolex Middle Sea Race

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Last weekend It was held the Malta-Ragusa regatta, whose victory was assigned to the vessel Juno (race category) sponsored by Oil Tanking, while, in the Cruiser category, first place went to the boat Elusive II, sponsored by BoV (Bank of Valletta). Both the boats had, unique among the competitors, the Cavitcleaner cleaning treatment before the race. Another success, this time double, determined other than from the undoubted ability of the crew and the hull superiority, also (we are proud to say) from our cleaning treatment.

Cavitcleaner winner of race regaMalta-Ragusa RegattaCavitcleaner winner of race Cavitcleaner winner of race

New Cavitcleaner brochure

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Cavitcleaner Brochure

Revolutionary new way to clean and maintain underwater structures.

No prohibitive lift outs or dry docking.

Improves yacht efficiency and crew safety.

With Cavitcleaner’s unique system, the cleaning action is performed by a cavitation stream. In cavitation, microscopic air bubbles are formed, which implode to create an intense shockwave, which dislodges fouling or biological material. This is highly effective, works rapidly, at relatively low pressures and does not harm the surface being cleaned.

Safety first

This system is so safe the cavitation stream can come in contact with bare skin without injury. In addition, Cavitcleaner’s unique patented design does not require a retro-jet, which eliminates the risks to a diver’s ears and face.


Cavitcleaner is extremely effective at removing any type of growth or fouling from any underwater surface. In addition, contrary to high-pressure washers and mechanical cleaners (brushtools, blades), Cavitcleaner will NOT damage the underlying surface material and leaves sensitive and fragile paints and coatings intact.

Product Line

Today, the Cavitcleaner system is available in three versions. At the heart of these three models is the patented Cavitcleaner Pistol, which does not require the use of a retro-jet:

Easy Energy 220, is powered by a single phase 220v electric motor, ideal for light to moderate duty where the convenience and accessibility of 220 voltage is a deciding factor (also available in 110V). This model can be plugged in at any marina pontoon or driven by a simple 4kw generator.

Easy Energy 380, is powered by a three phase 380v electric motor. This is the professional diver’s workhorse, powerful enough to operate two Cavitcleaner guns at once. Ideal for environments where three-phase power is readily available and is the energy source of choice.

Hot Road Diesel, is driven by a powerful and reliable Yanmar 8kw diesel engine. Preferred by professional divers for its reliability, power, fuel economy and convenience where there is no ready access to a source of electricity. This model can also power two Cavitcleaner guns simultaneously.

The future of underwater cleaning

Thanks to the obvious advantages in terms of cleaning power, safety, ease of use, performance and cost effectiveness, cavitation-based systems are set to become a predominant choice in the growing market for underwater cleaning.