Easy Energy 380

Underwater cavitation cleaning machine, powered by a three phase 380 v electric motor. Its performances/price ratio is really unbeatable. Power, reliability, lightness are its strength points. This is the professional diver’s workhorse, powerful enough to operate two Cavitcleaner guns at once. The standard equipment includes the new Evo2 gun.

Patented  cavitation pistol that does not require a retro jet (PA2012U000008)

Sturdy stainless steel frame and large diameter tyred wheels (320 mm)

4 pole oversized electric motor with termal protection

Remote control switch and ignition switch

Special motor-pump coupling for intensive use

Professional high performance pump with crank connecting rod system, ceramic pistons, brass head nickel, bronze rods

Professional pressure regulator with external bypass and pressure gauge

Brass inspection suction filter

Double sight oil-level

Pressure accumulator to protect the pump-motor group

CE marked


Flow 21 Lt/minute and pressure adjustable from 40 to 160 BAR

7.2 Kw power at 1400 RPM

Weight 78 KG and size 116 X 62 X 71 cm

High pressure hose 30+30 Mt

Suction pump with spiral tube, non return valve, filter