Fast Hull Cleaning

New innovative CAVIT KART, composed by Double Stingray plate (four rotating cavitational nozzles) on Stealth System (2 speed) by Cavitcleaner.

CAVIT KART (width 80 cm) can be clean all underwater surfaces with light/medium fouling, with a fantastic rate of 38 smq for minute!

CAVIT KART allows great performances without effort for the diver, thanks the driven with high autonomy batteries.

CAVIT KART, thanks the cavitation technology, NOT removes the anti fouling paint.

The weight out of the water is 15 Kg only, and in underwater use is neutral, thanks to its floating system.

Cavit Kart adjust its self independently to the curves of the hull.

CavitĀ  Kart can be equipped with compass, depth gauge and lights.