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Feedback from our customers around the world

TECHNOSUB Marine Services  S.A. de C.V.

Veracruz, MX

We used to work in Mobil Offshore Units where the coating scheme is for 12 year and the owner is extremely concern about the damages to the coating so we can offer an uw cleaning free of problems for our clients using the Cavitcleaner.

J&J Boat Services

Southport, NC – USA

We recently purchased the EVO2 Gun size Small from Cavitcleaner, what an amazing tool to enhance our underwater hull cleaning services provided to our yacht owners as well as marinas.  Look forward to many years of service as this is a very quality made tool.

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Costas Constantinides


I am happy to tell you that I have only positive things to say about your products.
Everything works in perfect order.
The machine does exactly what you guys said it would.
Thanks again Cavitcleaner.

National Marine Services

Azaiba, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Today was the first use with the equipment and it preformed
perfectly, I was blown away by the performance of the machine and the
overall result it gave.
National Marine Services looks forward to more jobs with the Cavitcleaner
and would highly recommend the equipment to others.

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Melsmore Marine

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Very efficient performance, highly safety device, and excellent service.

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Veracruz Adventures S.A. de C.V.

Southport, NC – USA

While training divers for commercial activities it is very important the safety and with the Cavitcleaner we can run a real dive in real conditions without damages to the students… easily: using a harmless tool.

CB Underwater & Boat Cleaning Services

Perth, Australia

The Cavitcleaner works great, really  happy  with it so far, the machine has done everything that you have advertised.

Marius Kirsten

Currently I am in Nigeria where we are using the newly purchased Hot Road Cavitcleaner extensively on an CALM bouy maintenance job. I have video footage of very hard marine growth being taken off. Really impressive.

Paul Ellul

Cavitcleaner is a revolution of the 21st  Century in anti-fouling management.
Juno racing team can testify to the unique qualities that Cavitcleaner provides to a hull submerged in seawater, with tons of anti-fouling paint less in the environment.
Juno currently does not have any barnacles whatsoever. Thousands of euros have been saved and the yacht will be used more since there is no lifting out or hard standing required before the season.

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Pino Napoli

I purchased a Cavitcleaner Hot Road machine and a Stingray plate, and I can say that the machine and accessories are extraordinary, thanks to Cavitcleaner’s products I am now able to cleaning a hull quickly and with no damages. Outstanding after-sales service.

Roberto Mancino

I’m really happy and pleased with the Cavitcleaner Hot Road machine, highly effective, it removes even the toughest deposits and allows you to work quickly. Great product!

Gianluca Torturu

The Hot Road is a professional machine, with Cavitcleaner removing any fouling becomes a simple and quick procedure, we used it on different boats and more, from big tugboats to huge yachts, as well as on sailing boats and even on small wood boats, always experiencing excellent results. The service is excellent and the Cavitcleaner’s staff is always available. Highly recommended.


Cavitcleaner is a fantastic machine, this new cavitational cleaning system is excellent.  We cleaned props and hulls at the Port of Rome, wonderful performances! Your boat’s efficiency will be greatly increased!

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Domenico Canaletti

Excellent machine and excellent after sales service. The machine meets expectations of any commercial diver.



Due to the positive report received from supervisors, I commend the company manufacturer and supplier of Cavitcleaner machinery, in particular for their cavitation guns. The guns have been tested for 15 days, under stress at continous work for 10 hours daily and they have admirabily carried out the cleaning work of the poles. Also on concretions of high thiclness and substantial compactness, givinf divers full safety about their complete protection.

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Alfa Diving BV


I like that. We love to work with your machine!