Eco Phantom anchor is a new innovative project by Cavitcleaner, perfectly adapting to various sea bottoms as mud, sand, posidonia, etc. These anchors are resistant to corrosion and are suitable for mooring to floating docks and yachts of any dimension and guarantee maximum resistance to traction.

Easier penetration, excellent holding capacity in bottoms and above all minimal environmental impact. Eco Phantom anchors were studied for every need: boats, docks, piers, breakwaters, bulkheads, floating fish pens, navigation buoys and also scientific equipment.

Indeed the anchorage end does not impede or risk other marine activities, as it just emerges through the bottom sea.

These anchors are environmentally sensitive as don’t drag around the harbor bottoms and offer high holding capabilities up to 6 tons.

Eco Phantom anchors are available in two versions: complete stainless steel or galvanized iron.

Eco Phantom are in compliance with the EU legislation (Directive 2008/56/EC) concerning the installation of mooring buoy.

ECO PHANTOM ANCHOR is a new idea by Cavitcleaner doo (Patent no. MT4368).

link Directive 2008/56/EC (MT language)

link Directive 2008/56/EC (EN language)